Use Cases and Solutions

State-of-the-art solutions for various use cases

The adoption of our solutions is based on security and a smooth user experience. We support our clients in designing end-to-end custom solutions for their identity verification needs. Learn about the various use cases of TOPPAN IDGATE’s cutting-edge, reliable solutions.

Financial Institutions

eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customers) is a remote digitalization process. TOPPAN IDGATE uses iDenCard's solution to identify the authenticity of government ID and uses face recognition to ensure that the government ID belongs to the user. With iDenKey's device binding, The user can complete the onboarding and personal ID verification within a few seconds ; digital bank customers have widely adopted our solution. TOPPAN IDGATE's solutions can prevent identity fraud, phishing and automate processes, providing the highest level of security with a smooth and intuitive user experience.
Our identity authentication solution with iDenkey's device binding to strengthen the user’s login security protection. When conducting virtual asset transactions and financial services, multi-factor authentication ensures that the customer uses it and protects customers operating with trusted devices.
Ensure customers' high-value virtual assets have multiple protections to prevent significant losses caused by fraudulent use by hackers.
TOPPAN IDGATE offers an identity management solution for microfinance institutions, with iDenFace's government ID identification technology, helping verify citizens' IDs and biometric with our multi-factor authentication methods and ID card verification technology. With the milti-factor authenication, applicants can be verified through using their mobile device to the institution's system, keep the progress safe and straightforward. This solution would help financial institutions get the verification done quickly and reduce the entire microfinance life cycle time, allowing people to take on affordable small business loans safely and consistently with ethical lending practices. "
iDenKey’s device binding technology turns the mobile device into a security key. Users only need to download the bank’s APP to complete the device binding through a simple process, eliminating the need to memorize and input account passwords. Every time you log in, it can be quickly through device authentication and biometric identification, which reduces the time-consuming input time to just a few seconds. It can also be used with user habits and different situations, with multi-factor authentication applications, to provide a smooth user experience and enjoy a higher account safety.
EMV 3D secure 2.0(3DS2) is the latest authentication protocol for online card payment (Card-not-Present transaction); With iDenKey's device binding technology, it fully supports multiple-factor authentication methods, securely authenticates the mobile application. And apply Strong Customer Authentication(SCA) solution that protects and simplifies customer authentication and transaction approval. For increased public security requirements is a give, we support PSD2 requirements such as dynamic linking, secure execution environments, verification of possession, to name a few. TOPPAN IDATE authentication solutions meet the compliance requirements, roll out the new frictionless checkout experience to their cardholders through their wallet or mobile banking apps.

Commercial Organizations

TOPPAN IDGATE provides ID verification services on mobile devices and makes it easy for customers to secure transactions anywhere by establishing a contactless payment system. And improve the protection of each online payment. The TOPPAN IDGATE's authentication method can be applied to a variety of payment scenarios. It can optimize with a smooth user experience. , improve customer engagement. Use the security level of bank specifications to avoid a large number of losses caused by online fraud.
iDenFace's ID verification solution to identify the authenticity of government ID can help companies verify customers' true identity and save time-consuming and costly manual verification. Registration can be completed in just a few minutes. And apply the iDenKey's device binding to improve online payment security and create a convenient user experience. In addition to ensuring the authenticity of identity, it also establishes a transparent and compliant consumer protection mechanism. TOPPAN IDGATE's solution protects financial information and reduces the risk of fraud. It creates a reliable identity verification system between buyers and sellers to build a more reliable sharing economy environment.
Today's hackers not only attack the firewalls but also consider taking over employee's accounts. Once the employee is fraudulent, they can connect to the company's intranet and steal confidential information.
The iDenPass cloud authentication solution is to protect the company’s internal confidential data inventory, matched with the company’s internal VPN network to ensure high security for every login and access for remote work and online verification. Our cloud authentication solution provides a bank-level security level, simplifies the enterprise's internal process, and reduces information security hardware costs. Reduce the probability of the enterprise being fraud from the employee to the company database.

Government authorities

The iDenKey solution independently developed by TOPPAN IDGATE can assist in the control of confidential government information, restrict access to personnel with equipment binding technology, avoid leakage of confidential project data, and control every login and logout. Our solution uses the latest technology and has high compatibility, which can apply to various access control systems. Every online and offline access can be with the highest level of security.