Toppan launches Virtual Human Lab to measure biometric and personal data

Toppan launches Virtual Human Lab to measure biometric and personal data

Toppan launches Virtual Human Lab to measure biometric and personal data

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Global printing company Toppan has launched the “Toppan Virtual Human Lab”, a project that will focus on research and development on biometric human body measurement.

The lab will utilize a Light Stage provided by the University of Southern California (USC) for high-precision face biometric scanning.

The project aims at circumventing the issue of users having to register their biometric data individually for various products and services.

The Toppan Virtual Human Lab can record movement of the musculoskeletal system, take body measurements of hand and foot shape, and process the information into various ways.

In other words, the “Human Body Information Platform” acts as a one-stop solution for registration, processing, and sharing of this information across diverse services.

The data obtained will be processed via an application programming interface (API), and displayed online via an original viewer developed by Toppan. The company also said it is working on a related smartphone app.

According to Toppan, the project will help business development in a variety of applications, including 3D computer graphics, and visual media.

Future applications also hint at additional industries like advertising, sports, and healthcare.

Toppan subsidiary acquires FutureCard and iDGate

Beyond the new project, Toppan has also been expanding steadily in Asia in the last quarter of 2020.
In fact, the company’s Singapore subsidiary Toppan Leefung acquired end-to-end card solution provider FutureCard back in October.

The acquisition, which was supported by Toppan Leefung’s investment platform Toppan Gravity, fits into the firm’s vision of extending its smartcard solutions and services to new markets.

The move will also help Toppan develop next generation payment solutions, ID, and transport card platforms.

Toppan is already partnered with Zwipe on biometric payment cards in the region.

One month after the acquisition of FutureCard, Toppan Leefung acquired Taiwan-based fintech firm iDGate Corporation.

The acquisition was also supported by Toppan Gravity, and will see iDGate retain its societal structure, and help the company strengthen its worldwide market presence.

iDGate focuses on the development of multi-factor authentication technologies as well as AI-powered facial recognition combined with secure mobile device techniques.

Following the acquisition of iDGate, Toppan said it will further extend its coverage in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.


About Toppan Gravity

As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, Toppan Gravity Ltd. aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security documents.

With the vision of becoming the forerunner in the secure ID and payment industry, the company focuses on driving synergies within the Toppan Group, through strategic acquisitions. Toppan Gravity empowers promising companies having state-of-the-art technology or businesses in emerging markets, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America to enhance their overall performance. Furthermore, the company enables its acquisitions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its large, diversified group having numerous resources and extensive know-how.

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About Toppan FutureCard

FutureCard Ind. L.L.C., a Toppan Gravity company, is a UAE based global provider of end-to-end card solutions with the focus on payment, ID, transport, telecom, loyalty, and retail. Since 2003 FutureCard is designing, manufacturing and customizing high quality and cutting-edge smartcard technologies and solutions. From January 2022, Toppan FutureCard will be integrated within Toppan Gravity.

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About Toppan iDGate

Toppan iDGate, acquired by Toppan in 2020, was co-founded by a group of tech entrepreneurs with a vision for improving what they saw as a sore spot in the market for identity verification solutions. In a world where we tend to oppose security to user friendliness, Toppan iDGate is striving to offer highly secure but also highly convenient authentication solutions, for digital transformation and online banking services. With our combined years of experience developing data security for the finance industry and proven track-record raising successful businesses, the company understands the fine balance between what banks need and what their customers want.

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