TOPPAN IDGATE’s iDenFace Verified to Comply with ISO/IEC 30107 Standards (1,3&4)

TOPPAN IDGATE’s iDenFace Verified to Comply with ISO/IEC 30107 Standards (1,3&4)

TOPPAN IDGATE’s iDenFace Verified to Comply with ISO/IEC 30107 Standards (1,3&4)

TOPPAN IDGATE, a leading provider of digital identity solutions, is thrilled to announce that its advanced liveness detection technology has officially received a confirmation letter from the NIST/NVLAP-accredited Fime laboratory.

The confirmation letter indicates that the technology meets ISO/IEC 30107 standards, having successfully passed rigorous Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) tests following ISO/IEC 30107-1, ISO/IEC 30107-3, and ISO/IEC 30107-4 guidelines. These standards define comprehensive criteria for biometric PAD technology, including reference architectures and terminology.

TOPPAN IDGATE’s cutting-edge Liveness Detection technology v1.0.0 has shown outstanding performance in testing, achieving a global APCER (Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate) of 0% and meeting all BPCER (Bona Fide Presentation Classification Error Rate) requirements.

The technology was evaluated by Fime against the ISO 30107 series and achieved compliance with both Level 1 and Level 2 standards. Additionally, its compliance with ISO 30107-4 means it also adheres to the appendix containing a profile aligned with the FIDO Biometrics Requirements for biometric subsystems used in mobile applications.


Business Insights

The seamless integration of iDenFace passive liveness detection significantly elevates the user experience, particularly during digital onboarding or the verification/authentication process. Backed by the ISO 30107 compliance technology, iDenFace emerges as the top choice for numerous digital financial services providers.


iDenFace Face Recognition Solution

TOPPAN IDGATE offers an in-house developed face recognition solution powered by deep machine learning and AI-based anti-spoofing measures. The versatile face recognition core engine can be seamlessly integrated into service kiosks, facilitating user self-service onboarding. Having undergone rigorous testing and receiving the certificate shows TOPPAN IDGATE’s commitment and dedication to providing top-tier solutions that meet the highest industry standards.



TOPPAN IDGATE, a member of the TOPPAN group since 2020, is a software company born to provide bank grade security and strong authentication solutions. Our team is well-versed in business requirements and regulatory compliance within the financial industry. With years of experience focusing on digital identity authentication, we understand our customers’ needs and we aim to provide the most robust products to fit the business requirements.

Since 2013, we have been implementing authentication solutions for digital banking and virtual banking for web and mobile applications, our customers are from the SEA(South East Asia) market, Taiwan, and HK, and compliant with HKMA(HK) and MAS(Singapore) regulations.


About Fime Laboratory

Fime is renowned for enabling clients to create and deploy trusted and secure solutions across various domains, including payments, smart mobility, biometrics, authentication, and open banking. With our global perspective and extensive testing expertise, we partner with organizations worldwide to define, design, deliver, and test their products and services. Our laboratories are accredited by esteemed bodies such as NIST/NVLAP and FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification, ensuring standardized and trusted quality control testing procedures.