Partnering up to serve you best

Global Partners

JASUINDO is committed to providing the best for customers in providing security solutions for documents, labels and holograms, card technology, such as payment cards, security cards, regular cards and Personalization Bureau, commercial printing such as business documents, promoplus, gameplus, and premium labels as well as providing information technology,license certificate from JCB, VISA and Master Card for manufacturers.
Priority Dynamics is a group of data science practitioners that helps brands to implement contextual customer ecosystem. We converge insights and creativity to drive data monetization initiatives, and innovation in marketing, product and customer management. Our delivery of success is technology independent.
Data Products Toppan Froms LTD (DPTF)
DPTF provides card data printing and delivery services from design to production, printing, packaging, transportation, and storage, cooperates with the Thai government for ID card manufacture. And with world-class certification to protect the confidentiality of customer information.
Ecquaria Technologies was established in 1998 in Singapore and became a subsidiary of Toppan Leefung in December 2019. The digital government solutions company has 4 global offices in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Brunei, and has helped governments all over the world to transform digitally.
Toppan Gravity is committed to providing smart solutions for all kinds of cards, secure documents, payment and banking systems, government-related systems, as well as brand protection. As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, Toppan Gravity aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security solutions.

Taiwan & HK Partners

ELM Computer Technologies Limited (ELM)
Founded in 1990, ELM Computer Technologies Limited (ELM) has been providing state-of-the-art IT solutions and professional services to clients for over twenty nine years.
IBM enables the new generation of the hybrid cloud allows you to build once, deploy anywhere and manage it all from a single pane of glass. So your business can adapt and transform like never before.
MegaHub Limited
MegaHub Limited is a leading provider of financial market information and analytics, delivered through customized technology solutions for business organizations, as well as professional and retail investors.
PCCW Solutions
PCCW Solutions, the IT flagship of PCCW Group, is a leading IT services company, a digital transformation and outsourcing partner of choice for clients in all industries across the Pan-Asia region. We adopt cutting-edge technologies to empower clients transform digitally, create business values and success in the ever-changing economic environment.